Is Male Breast Augmentation a Good Option for Male Breast Enlargement?

Breast augmentation surgery is the second most popular cosmetic procedure performed in the United States – there’s no doubt about it, we just love breasts!

So it’s no surprise that many men wanting to grow breasts turn toward breast implants as a quick and easy solution. The problem with male breast augmentation surgery is that it is not the same as it is with women. Because men typically have very little breast tissue, it is difficult to find a comfortable place in the breasts that will hold silicone inserts.

Breast augmentation enlargement surgery

Breast augmentation surgery

Breast tissue plays an important role in supporting the breast implants and men without much breast tissue will first have to build it up. For this reason, male breast augmentation is not such a cut-and-dry procedure. It’s usually performed as part of a bigger process that involves complete gender reassignment. It is typically combined with hormone therapy in order to promote the growth of breast tissue before male breast augmentation surgery can take place.

There are not many plastic surgeons who are experienced with either male breast augmentation surgery or transgender transformation so it is imperative that if you choose this route, you do your research and find a doctor who knows what he or she is doing.

Because of the process involved in male breast augmentation surgery, it does not offer a quick and easy solution like it does for women. You have to take the extra step of taking hormones in order to build up your breast tissue before you can get implants.

An easier, safer, and much more cost effective way of getting bigger breasts is through using male breast enlargement pills. Pills that contain breast enhancing herbs or potent phytoestrogens like Pueraria Mirifica develop your breast tissue naturally, without compromising other male functions like hormone therapy does.

Using the correct combination of herbs, you can suppress testosterone in your body while supplying your body with enough natural estrogen to make your breasts grow. You can achieve significant breast growth using these natural methods alone.

Once you have the breast tissue you need, you also get the option of choosing to go through with male breast augmentation surgery or to stick to the natural route and continue to develop your breasts further.

At the very least, natural male breast enlargement is worth a try. Just make sure you give your body a fair shake – be patient and give it several months for your body to adjust to its new hormonal environment and produce the changes that you’re waiting for.

Afterward, if you’re not entirely satisfied with the size of your breasts, you can always opt for breast implants, but chances are – you’ll already be on your way to getting the breast size you want, naturally and safely.

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